Renting a home in Idaho can be one of the most significant actions you are going to make especially when you want to stay in the place for a couple of months. Apart from the fact that Idaho is known to be a fantastic vacation place for you to visit, it could be one of the most relaxing and admiring places to stay.

Idaho is a beautiful place you may visit anytime. However, it is considered to be quite expensive when it comes to the homes it offers. Hence, you need to prepare ahead of time since you are going to spend an amount when you rent or buy homes in Idaho.

Reasons Why Homes in Idaho Are Expensive

Idaho is a well-known place for different tourist activities and sites that necessitates direct physical engagement with huge numbers of visitors.

However, during the pandemic, the region’s economy suffered from a significant drop and became a security risk. Apart from that, an increase in the rental prices of homes in Idaho was also observed.

Are you aware of why homes in Idaho are expensive? Well, there are some reasons why Idaho homes are expensive and you need to be equipped with the right knowledge about them.

This is to assure you that once you decide to visit or stay in Idaho, you are ready for the possibility that the home property you are going to rent is expensive.

To give you an idea, then here are the lists of some of the reasons why homes in Idaho are expensive these days and these include the following:

1. Low Interest Rates

One primary reason why homes in Idaho are expensive highlights low interest rates. If the interest rates are low, financing homes will also increase and some prospective homeowners will choose to purchase a property.

Almost as often, the rise in home demands in the place means expensive homes.

2. Higher Cost of Building

Not all the building materials are manufactured in Idaho. Most of these are imported and come from different countries.

Well, as time passed by certain import prices have already changed as the result of trade agreements and political developments. Concerning Idaho housing markets, it boosts building costs in the place.

There are some materials offered at inexpensive prices because of some tariffs. Hence, as the materials cost increases, expect that home building prices would also increase.

Even though homes in Idaho are expensively offered due to the materials used, except that these homes are built from high quality and not the sub-standard ones. Hence, you are assured to have a safe and relaxing stay in the place.

3. Unemployment 

Due to the recent pandemic, large numbers of Idaho’s population who are employed in other countries are compelled to return to their homes.

It is considered to be widespread unemployment that also puts an impact to the expensiveness of the homes in Idaho. As the population of Idaho returned to their homes, it grows and raises the population within Idaho.

This makes it difficult for tourists and some other visitors to find their lodging or rental homes where they can stay.

4. Population Growth

As the population of Idaho arises, expect that homes will also become expensive. Since there are huge numbers of people who will now stay in Idaho, rental homes would now be limited to visitors.

Hence, a high increase in the demand for homes will be observed wherein property owners would make it expensive for tourists and visitors. The more visitors and tourists who will keep visiting Idaho, the more expensive the homes will be.

5. Views are amazing here

Idaho is becoming an increasingly popular destination for people who love the outdoors. With its expansive forests, rugged mountains, and crystal-clear lakes, Idaho offers endless opportunities for outdoor exploration.

In recent years, Idaho has also become a mecca for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. As a result of this growing popularity, Idaho’s population has been steadily increasing. In fact, Idaho was the fastest-growing state in the US in 2018.

While Idaho’s cities are rapidly growing, much of the state’s beauty lies in its rural areas. For those who want to experience Idaho’s natural beauty, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

With the above-mentioned reasons why homes in Idaho are expensive, you are already given an idea ahead of time. This is very essential to avoid problems when you are already in Idaho since you are already aware of the price that the place offers when it comes to their rental homes.

Apart from that, you will never complain anymore since you already have an idea that homes in Idaho are expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to live in Idaho or California?

In general, California is a more expensive state to live in than Idaho. This is largely due to the higher cost of housing in California, which can be attributed to the state’s strong economy and high demand for housing. However, it is important to note that the cost of living in Idaho is not necessarily cheaper across the board. For example, transportation costs in Idaho are higher than they are

Are houses in Idaho expensive?

Homes in Idaho have slowly been growing over the years, and have spiked in value in recent times. That said, they are still not the highest in the nation, meaning that people are still able to move into this area at a lower cost than where they originally came from.


Homes in Idaho are expensively offered yet you are assured to have a very safe and relaxing stay in the place anytime you wanted.

No matter how expensive the homes in the place are offered, you may still observe that there are huge numbers of tourists who keep coming back again and again since they are satisfied with their experience in Idaho.

To make your stay in Idaho stress-free, relaxing and unforgettable, you need to do some research ahead of time on the place you’re going to stay. This is to assure that you have enough money when you rent a home in Idaho.