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Careywood Coffee

Here on we always like to point out new, and awesome local businesses.

We recently had the chance to meet the owner of a local coffee roaster named Careywood Coffee at a recent craft show in the Bonner Mall. I at once wanted to speak to him, as I have a soft spot for Coffee products (Mugs especially). Not only were there different variants of coffee that was personally roasted by the owner Jeromy, but there were also mugs, and even Pallet Coasters.

Jeromy had decided that he wanted to start up his own coffee roasting company after family and friends urged him to. He definitely seems to be well on his way to being successful, as his website is well put together, and he is willing to cater to local residents! You are able to purchase, and ship the coffee as whole beans, or ground in fine, medium, or coarse.

We definitely want to wish him the best, and look forward to seeing Careywood Coffee grow!