While I may not be the most avid skier anymore, it is something I have enjoyed for most of my life! I have primarily skied on Schweitzer but have had a chance to ski elsewhere.

For beginners, Schweitzer is a fantastic place to learn how to ski! This is where I went from first strapping on my skis to be able to be somewhat able to handle a black diamond ski route. If you want to learn how to ski, the resort is set up to help you graduate from your first time skiing to an expert level, all in one place.

Skiing on Schweitzer
Want to see what it looks like up on the mountain? Now you can – with Schweitzer’s webcams! [Image courtesy of Schweitzer]

Where should you start if you are a beginner skier on Schweitzer?

If you have never skied and are looking to pick up the sport, I highly recommend you utilize Schweitzer’s in-house lessons! You can find everything you need to know by visiting this page on their site. Having used their lessons when I was starting, I know they can do wonders for helping you get going.

One of the biggest pitfalls for beginners is being able to break out of your shell and move from just zigzagging down the hill slowly to carving down the mountain quickly. Lessons can help you break through those mental barriers and give you confidence in your abilities.

What if you want to avoid doing lessons?

If you don’t want to do lessons or can’t afford them, there are some great runs to get started on. I recommend taking someone who can ski with you as you begin if you need skiing experience. Here is how I would start if I were a beginner again. You’ll need this map for reference!

  1. Musical Carpet – This is a straightforward, beginner route. It doesn’t require you to use a chair-lift (which has its learning curve); instead, you are brought back to the top on a conveyer belt-style device.
  2. Happy Trails – Sitting right next to the Musical Carpet is happy trails! Once you feel confident in your abilities, you can transition to this slope! This is a much longer route; you can use the Musical Chairs lift to get back up.
  3. Enchanted Forest – Once you have gotten Happy Trails down, Enchanted Forest is next! This is an off-shoot from Happy Trails and gives you a steeper decline at the end and a more scenic route. Happy Trails and Enchanted Forest combine at the end, and you utilize the Musical Chairs lift to return to the village again.

Once you have mastered the above three routes, you can find your way to the Great Escape chair lift, which takes you up to the top of the mountain (where you can visit the Sky House). From there, I recommend finding your way to Midway for your first blue square run!

[Image courtesy of Schweitzer]

How steep is Schweitzer Mountain?

While beginners will not be traversing Schweitzer in its entirety (and many never will, due to its massive size), the village sits at 4,700 ft above sea level, and the summit is 6,400 feet above sea level. 

In the end, Schweitzer has done a fantastic job at giving plenty of different runs, where you can have a variety of steepness levels, so you can have it however you want.


Schweitzer is a fantastic ski resort to visit for beginners! This is where I learned how to ski, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to ski. Stay safe, and always ski in groups!