A moose sighting in the Sandpoint area is extremely common, with people commonly seeing them lying in front yards and even strolling along in downtown Sandpoint, Idaho! While these lumbering visitors are a fantastic sight (especially in an urban setting), keep a safe distance and never try to feed or pet them.

Why do moose find their way into town?

According to Idaho’s government website, moose find their way into urban settings and your suburban home’s yard to avoid the harsh winters in the wilderness. Towns (like Sandpoint) and homes offer warmer environments, and buildings easily block winds and snow.

Another important reason is fruit trees and accessible sources of food. With plenty of resources in town for a leisurely bite to eat off of trees that are lush or have dropped their fruit for the season, they like to have a bite to eat, and towns have reliable and accessible means of filling their bellies.

When do you see moose in Sandpoint?

The most common time to see moose in the Sandpoint area is during the winter! As discussed, moose enter urban settings to find food and shelter. However, moose can be seen at all times of the year!

If you are out on a drive, especially out towards Priest Lake or along any slower-moving bodies of water, you might see a moose (or multiple) wading in the shallow parts of the water. 

Should you pet or feed moose?

Wildlife, especially animals that weigh upwards of 1500 pounds, should never be fed. Not only can you get hurt, but you may also hurt them in the process. 

Moose need to rely on specific foods that can only be found in their natural foraging process, and most foods you will give them can harm them. 

Worse, they will become reliant on the easy food we provide, which may cause them not to be willing to leave the city limits as they need to. Ultimately, you should watch them from a safe distance and move on.

What part of Idaho has moose?

Sandpoint is one of many places in Idaho you might have a moose sighting! These massive animals are native to the region and can be seen throughout the state and North Idaho. The only places you may not see them are truly urban areas, such as the Boise area.

How big do moose get?

Moose is one of the deer family’s biggest (size-wise) members and can get up to 1500 pounds and eight feet in height for a bull (male). These are massive animals, one of North America’s largest animals.


If you like to see moose, you might happen upon one on your visit to our small town! These fantastic animals regularly find their way into Sandpoint, especially in the winter when food is harder to see in the mountains, and the weather is the harshest.