Panida Theater in downtown Sandpoint, Idaho

The Panida is a historic building in downtown Sandpoint.

The Panida is one of the most iconic buildings in downtown Sandpoint. But here are 5 things that you may not have known about the theater:

  1. The Panida opened in 1927. Back then, it was a vaudeville (showcasing song, comedy and dance) and movie house.
  2. The name Panida is short for PANhandle of IDAho. In case you ever wondered what the name “Panida” actually stood for – it’s a tribute to the place it calls home!
  3. In 1985, the Panida underwent major restoration. It was saved, thanks to this great local community, which helped with fundraising for the restoration.
  4. The Panida is on the National Register of Historic Places. It holds many different awards and recognitions.
  5. There are over 144 performances scheduled annually. And with an average attendance of nearly 230, they’re all well visited in our small town community.

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