If you have lived here, or stayed long enough in Sandpoint, you know that you sometimes just need to get out of town! Whether that be a quick trip to Coeur d’Alene (yes I still have to Google how to spell this town), or to really fly out and get out of town for a long stay!

So you may be asking yourself, what airports are near Sandpoint Idaho ? Well, the main one is going to be the Spokane International Airport, and this is the one most people will use.

However did you know that there are actually other airports nearby as well?

Spokane International Airport

Yes, this is the one I mentioned earlier, and is likely the one you want to know about! It offers many non-stop flights to many different places!

It isn’t the biggest airport in the world, and it takes us having to travel to a different state to use, but hey, thats what you get for living in one of the most amazing areas in the world.

How long does it take to get to the airport?

I find it normally takes about an hour and half to get to the airport, and Google backs that up with stating 1 hour and 28 minutes as of this writing.

You can learn a lot more on this airports website here!

Sandpoint Airport

This is the only other “major” airport in our area, if you don’t want to go to Spokane!

The Sandpoint Airport is a public access airport, and you will find planes flying in and out all day every day (anyone know who owns the jet?).

The actual airport runway is 5501 feet long! Meaning many different types of planes are able to take off from it.

One of my favorite things, is to see all of the helicopter training that takes place at this airport!

If you want to read more about the airport, this link here should give you plenty of information!

Other Airports

There are many other airports out there in the area, however they all tend to be private airports!


We may not be the biggest town around, however we are easily able to fly in and out with ease.

I tend to like to drive places myself, but hey, at least I know we can fly if we need to no problem!

Do you know of an airport that should be added to this list? Make sure to leave that recommendation in the comments.