Anyone who has travelled away from Sandpoint for a period of time, it always feels like a weight is lifted off their shoulders as soon as their tires roll onto the Sandpoint long bridge.

While it may be a site for sore eyes for many, many others may wonder “How long is the Sandpoint Bridge?”. It of course is also referred to as the Long Bridge by people that live here in Sandpoint , and is two miles long.

I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t been able to pin down the exact footage of the bridge, and hopefully someone can email me that if they know! I have found on the Long Bridge Swim’s website that they advertise the swim at 1.76, and it follows the route of the Long Bridge. 

If that is correct, the Long Bridge should sit at 9292.8 feet long! That is an extremely long bridge.

Of course, if someone asks though, it can’t hurt to just round it up to that two miles.

Sandpoint railroad bridge

So the Long Bridge is awesome and all, but how long is that railroad trestle that you see in the distance when driving across?

That Railroad Bridge is 8,400.0 ft long according to this website. That means it is just a little bit shorter than the Long Bridge, but still a respectable distance.

Longest bridge in Idaho

Now that we know so much about the length of our Long Bridge, you gotta ask. Are there any longer bridges in Idaho?

Nope! The Long Bridge in Sandpoint Idaho is in fact the longest bridge in the state.


As someone that lives in the area, I think the Long Bridge is something that every resident enjoys and identifies with.

It’s exciting getting to know that it is just one more landmark that makes Sandpoint just that much better.