Sandpoint Idaho is a small town , and because of that, it can be difficult to find just that right job for you.

My Sandpoint Yard Sale is hoping to help alleviate the anxiety of searching for that perfect Sandpoint Idaho job by inviting companies throughout the region to post their open positions on our job board.

It’s only one click from our home screen to begin searching through the listings.

Why this is great for the job searcher

One of the hardest things about searching for a job is finding one that is local. On other platforms, even when you search for a local position, it still displays many positions from throughout the USA.

With our job board, all positions are from local companies for local people on the hunt for a job.

Why this is great for the employer caters heavily to Sandpoint and it’s local people. Because of this, mainly locals are viewing the positions. This means you don’t have to sift through people applying from all over the country. Instead you know this person that is applying is already wanting to stay here in our beautiful small town.

This means it is easier, quicker, and more fun to hire.