Snow is an aspect of life in Sandpoint , and living here is a great experience! Snow removal is something to consider before making your decision about where you want to live in our area. Snow removal options vary depending on whether you live within the city limits or outside town limits. Read on for more information!

Different options for snow removal

Living in Sandpoint means that you need to be aware of all the different options you have for removing snow! Since a good 4 to 6 months of the year, there is the possibility of snow, you should be ready to take action when that white fluff falls onto your property.

Let’s talk about those options, to see which might be best for you!

Shoveling out your driveway and sidewalk

Shoveling your driveway and sidewalk is the most simple solution, and works awesome for people that either have small driveway or walkway in front of their home.

This generally is done with homes that are in town, where the snow plows from the city also are working on removing the snow from the roads themselves.

You will also want a shovel to clear off porches, in front of your mailbox, and other exterior places around your home.

Using a snow blower

For those that want to up their game, but don’t need to get into the heavy duty stuff, you can always get yourself a snow blower!

Snow blowers are perfect for people that have large driveways, long sidewalks and other areas around their home to clear. Snow blowers will work best in town where the snow plows also come through!

There are even newer snow blowers that are handheld for those that don’t want a full size snow blower like you would traditionally see. You can own a snow blower for as little as $250 that should last you quite a long time.

This would work awesome for someone that has a medium length driveway that has compact gravel or a paved road.

Snow plows from the city or county

This is the big option of snow removal methods for living in the city, and it requires a heavy duty truck. Snow plows are used in town where streets need to be cleared after they have been affected by snowfall or ice.

If you are interested in seeing the city’s map for snow removal, you can see it right here, and you can see the explanation for it here.

These however won’t get your driveway or sidewalk, as they focus only on main transit roads like in town, highways and city or county maintained roads.

If you don’t fall under any of those categories, but have a long road, you should think about the next option.

Hiring a company to plow your driveway

If you personally are unable to plow your own driveway, don’t have the time, or just don’t want to deal with the snow, you can always hire someone to do it for you! There are plenty of companies, and individuals in the area that can you help you do this for a set fee.

Plowing with your truck or four wheeler

This is the final option, and is generally saved for people that live outside of town! If you currently have a truck or 4-wheeler you are able to install a floating blade, or a standard plow to the front to plow out your driveway or road.

This is also the most expensive option, and can cost thousands. However this is a small price to pay to make sure you are able to get out and about during a snow fall.

Living inside vs outside of town for snow removal

One of the huge differences you should be aware of when living in Sandpoint, is the difference in snow removal between living in town, and living outside of town!

In town, you get the benefits of the snow plow routes, however once you start getting further out of town you will find more and more roads that don’t offer an official service, and instead rely on private individuals.

When you are looking for a new home, whether to buy or to rent, you should always make sure to look into how snow is removed from that area, and be prepared! This could mean buying a truck and a snow plow, or a four wheeler with a plow to make sure you can get out in the depths of winter.

I have found, that if you live within city limits, you can easily make it through the winter with some good winter tires, and a shovel (also don’t forget the brush to take the snow off of your car).

However living farther out, you need to start really thinking about a heavier duty solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remove snow from a sidewalk?

This can range heavily, especially depending on if you hire a professional or the kid next door. However most sidewalks should be able to be cleared for as little as $20.

Is a landlord liable for snow removal in Sandpoint?

This completely depends on your contract, and you should make sure to bring that up with your new landlord before moving in. This could be a decent sized expense, and can stop you in your tracks during the winter months.

Where can you buy yourself a snow plow in Sandpoint?

One of the major places to buy a snow plow in Sandpoint Idaho would be Squeeky’s in Kootenai Idaho. They are able to sell and install the plow all in none place.


If you live in or near Sandpoint, Snow removal should be a breeze as long as you think ahead! This article goes over the different options and what type of snow-related problems they are best for.

Snow blowers work great for those looking to remove small amounts of snow from their home while shoveling works well for people with smaller driveways.

Snow plows are for those living in town and prefer a more heavy duty solution. Snow removal with your truck or four wheeler is available to people living outside of Sandpoint, but it can be expensive! For many snow plows don’t go as close to homes due the large amounts of snow laid on roads.