Sandpoint Idaho, Sandpoint’s elevation: Sandpoint is a high-elevation city in the Northwest region of the United States. Sandpoint has an elevation of 2,096 feet above sea level. This article will be about Sandpoint’s elevation and some other elevations in the area.

At this height, we are thankful for a full 4 seasons every year! We have the warm summers, all the way to the cold winters to enjoy both our awesome lake, as well as the ski resort.

So what is the elevation of some other nearby areas?

Sandpoint isn’t the only place you go here in Sandpoint, so lets take a look at some other great areas around here, and what elevation you can expect to see!


Schweitzer Mountain Summer Fun Crosstoberfest
[Image courtesy of Schweitzer]

This is one of my personal favorite ski resorts out there! At only about 20 minutes from Sandpoint it offers amazing ski runs , a fun village full of restaurants, shops, and even pizza. The snow is the best I have seen, and it is an amazing place to visit for locals.

Sandpoint’s ski resort village sits is at an elevation of 4,700 feet. The Schweitzer Mountain Resort (which is home to an awesome new hotel) has a summit elevation of 6400 feet.

It’s awesome that you can gain so much elevation in comparison to Sandpoint in such a short period of time.

Bayview Idaho

Bayview is on the complete opposite of Lake Pend O’rielle from Sandpoint, and also has a completely different feel! This is home to some great businesses, and is even home to some of the last floating homes on the lake today.

Unsurprisingly, considering the town is just as on the lake as Sandpoint it actually sits at the same exact elevation of 2,096 feet above sea level!

Scotchman Peak

This hiking trail is one of the most intense trails in the area, as it is a 7.6 mile hike that gains 3,664 during that distance.

You will most likely see plenty of wildlife including but not limited to birds, squirrels and the iconic mountain goats near the top. at the top, when you see the views!

At an elevation of 7,009 feet you can see into Montana and an amazing view of the lake.

This hike is definitely for those that are either used to going hiking, or are willing to take their time! However it really is a great trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sandpoint offer all four seasons?

This is actually one of the best things about Sandpoint, you get to enjoy all 4 seasons! Due to our location, and climate we get to have plenty of time in the summer for swimming, but we also get to enjoy snowshoeing, snow ball fights, and skiing in the winter. The fall, and spring are both fantastic times to go hiking, and walking the dog.

Is it hard to breathe in Sandpoint due to the elevation?

Sandpoint is not high enough up to affect breathing, and is still an easy place to enjoy!

Are there trees on the mountains in Sandpoint?

Most of the mountains in the area all of have trees on them! However you will find white capped mountains without trees farther away from town, and of course on Mount Baldy as well.


A Sandpoint Idaho elevation is the elevation of Sandpoint. Sandpoint has an elevation of about 2096 feet above sea level and is very close to Lake Pend O’reille. The city’s climate ranges from warm summers, all the way to cold winters.

It really is awesome getting to live in this area, as it offers so many awesome places to be, with a variety of not only people, but also elevations resulting in all kinds of vegetation, and experiences!