Sandpoint Community Hall Events in Sandpoint

The Sandpoint Community Hall hosts many events

The Sandpoint Community hall is one of the first things you see when driving to Sandpoint from the Sagle area. It is seen daily by the locals, but did you know these 4 things about its history?

  1. The Community Hall was originally built as a meeting place for the boy scout troops. In 1935 it was hard to find a good suitable meeting place for the boy scouts during the winter, so the city built the community wide hall for groups to hold events in.
  2. The building was built with an original budget $3600.00. The final $1000.00 was donated by the city after many small donations from the public. However during the process the project changed hands a couple times, and was upgraded to total $8000.00 in its original form.
  3. In 1943 the Community Hall was leased to the Y.M.C.A.. It was then used as a U.S.O club for the local Navy base Farragut Naval Training Base. During this time multiple wings were added to the building to accommodate its new visitors.
  4. While odd, logs were the most logical thing to build the center out of at the time. While being build during the depression, the government would only help with the labor, but thankfully logs were abundant in Sandpoint. So this was the easy solution.

This information was collected from The City Of Sandpoint’s website.

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