Idaho is known for its incredible scenery , and what better way to take in the beauty of the state than by visiting some of its hot springs? There are many different springs scattered throughout Idaho, each with their own unique features and charm. Here are 5 of the best hot springs in Idaho to visit on your next vacation!

What is a hot spring?

A hot spring is a natural spring of water that is heated by the earth’s heat. The water in a hot spring can be as hot as 140 degrees Fahrenheit! Hot springs are often found near volcanoes, and they are formed when groundwater comes into contact with hot rocks deep below the earth’s surface. The water is then heated and rises up to the surface.

There are free, public hot springs hidden in the Idaho wilderness; and there are easy-to-access resorts with hot springs. Think about which type you would rather visit when making your decision of where to go. Keep reading to see our top 5 recommendations and an easy-to-use map of our favorite Idaho hot springs!

Map of Top 5 Hot Springs in Idaho

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1. Goldbug Hot Springs

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, then you’ll want to check out Goldbug Hot Springs. This spring is located near Salmon, Idaho. With a two-mile trail to get to the hot springs, this is definitely an adventure you’ll always remember!

2. Kirkham Hot Springs

If you love soaking in natural hot springs, then consider visiting Kirkham Hot Springs. These springs are located in a beautiful canyon, and the water is incredibly clear. Near the town of Lowman, Idaho, these hot springs are a very short hike that most can complete in just a few minutes. This is the best of both worlds — easy access while also located in a natural setting!

3. Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs

Located in Ketchum, Idaho, Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs is a wonderful option for those looking to not spend any money on going to a hot spring. These hot springs are public, so they are free of charge. They’re located in the Sawtooth National Forest, along Warm Springs Creek.

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4. Burgdorf Hot Springs

If you’re up for an adventure, this is the place to go! Only accessible by snowmobile in the winter, this is truly an experience you’ll always remember! With giant hot springs, there’s plenty of room. The accommodations take you back to what Idaho must have been like many years ago. With rustic cabins (with no electricity!), Burgdorf is located in the mountains of the Payette National Forest in central Idaho. The city of McCall is just about 30 miles away.

5. Gold Fork Hot Springs

Gold Fork Hot Springs is another great option for those looking for a relaxing soak. In the foothills of the North Fork Range, these hot springs are close to McCall, Idaho, located in the town of Donnelly. These hot springs have accommodations, including changing rooms, lockers and even heated sidewalks.


So there you have it, five of the best hot springs in Idaho to visit on your next vacation! Which one will you choose?