One of the favorite past times in really any town, but also Sandpoint and the surrounding areas is getting to enjoy a good movie! We have some great ways in the local area to be able to enjoy that in different ways.

There are movie theaters like Bonner Mall Cinemas, you can rent movies at Redbox, or even buy movies at places like Super 1.

Here are all the ways I could think of that you could enjoy movies in some way here in the Sandpoint area!

Movie Theaters in Sandpoint

Of course the most exciting way to watch a movie is obviously through a movie theater (cinema). Here in this town, we have two different places we can do that!

1. Bonner Mall Cinemas

This is what you would normally expect a movie theater to be! It’s a smaller theater with 6 different screens to be watched on.

I will say that the popcorn is delicious and even have free flavorings that can be added! I like the kettle corn seasoning personally.

The screens are high definition, and the seats are decently comfortable! I don’t have any issues with being comfortable throughout watching a movie there.

Sound is great, no issues there!

2. Panida Theatre

The other option we have here in Sandpoint is the Panida Theatre ! I personally haven’t spent much time here, however it has an extremely loyal following.

This theatre has been here since 1927, making it a staple to the community.

You can learn more facts about the Panida, including why it is named what it is named by reading this article here that we put together.

Renting movies in Sandpoint

Nowadays, renting movies has slowly been going away, leaving only two options for those looking to rent a physical movie!

1. Super 1 Foods

This grocer is the last standing traditional movie rental place! Yes it is a part of a grocery store, and not a standalone movie store, however they offer a wide range of older movies, as well as new releases.

Having this wide range of selection is a huge deal, when the only other place in town to rent movies only handles newer releases.

2. Redbox

Yes, the huge chain of automatic rental boxes! You’ll find these units placed in high traffic places like Walmart, Yokes and more.

They have a range of newer releases, with some older releases if the timing is right.

3. Bonus: Bonner County Library

Okay, so this isn’t really a rental place, which is why it is a bonus! While they may not rent, you can borrow movies here as long as you have a library card.

Their range of movies is huge! Everything from really really old movies, to TV shows, and new releases.

Buying Movies in Sandpoint

Are you ready to buy a movie? There are a couple great options to purchasing a movie in town as well.

1. Walmart

This is probably everyone’s first stop when looking to buy a movie! They have movies at all price points ranging from a couple dollars to new releases for over twenty.

2. Safeway

This grocery store doesn’t have a huge selection of movies to buy ever since they moved away from having an actual movie store inside, however they do have a limited selection at times.

3. Super 1

Whenever a movie goes out of stock at Super 1 for renting, they are ready to sell it off to the public!

This means you can buy discounted rental DVDs to keep in your selection.

Other Nearby Theaters

If the options we talked about above don’t quite work for you, there are some other theater options in the nearby towns from Sandpoint.

1. Hayden Discount Theater

This discount theater tends to offer older theater movies, but at an extremely competitive price.

They also have an awesome selection of different types of popcorn to enjoy.

2. Regal Riverstone

This huge complex of movie theaters offers tons of movies in a variety of formats. However you will have to drive an hour to get there from Sandpoint.

Make sure to check the local selection before making the drive!


If you are someone who enjoys watching movies, there are plenty of different ways you can do that here in the Sandpoint area.

You can buy, rent, or watch movies at any of the places we talked about here! Make sure to start out buy buying local though.