Sandpoint is a small town in Idaho , but it has a lot of people and land! We are going to go over how big Sandpoint really is. We will discuss population, physical size, and also even talk about what kind of businesses we have. This article should be helpful for anyone who wants to know more about the city.

Population of Sandpoint and surrounding areas

According to the last estimates by the Census in 2019, Sandpoint should have about 8,931 people within the city limits! While that may not seem like many people, there are a couple other towns that are somewhat attached, and allow for a fun small town atmosphere, below is the estimated population as well!

How many square miles is Sandpoint?

Sandpoint is not exactly a huge town, as it is nestled in between Lake Pend Orielle, and the mountains, but it does span a total of 4.56 square miles. However that doesn’t mean that is where the fun stops.

The town is well known for its awesome destinations that just quite aren’t in the city limits! You probably know about Schweitzer Resort, and of course the Lake. However there are also less well known hiking, camping, and bicycling spots littered throughout the area.

Even though it may be a smaller town, it has so much to do!

How many businesses are there in Sandpoint?

So you are coming to visit, and want to make sure that you have some good shopping to do? Sandpoint has a vibrant downtown with theaters like the Panida, outdoor shoping stores like Alpine and Outdoor Experiences, and clothes shopping like Larsons and Finan McDonald.

If you are looking for restaurants , there are plenty of different types of foods, beer halls, and food trucks to choose from, all within the city limits of Sandpoint.

Small town upsides

Small towns have many things that make them better than the larger cities the rest of the world enjoys. Less traffic, higher percentage of small businesses, and it’s so easy to get out of the town, and right into nature.

What kind of large stores are there?

Okay, so we are a small town, but that doesn’t mean we can’t easily access large department stores! Nearby in Ponderay, where the town is a bit more centered around larger stores you will find Walmart, Home Depot, North 40, Yokes, and so many other businesses as well.

Having these two types of towns gives a well rounded feel to the area, and allows you to enjoy the bigger town atmosphere when you want, but also the small town feel in Sandpoint when you want that.


Sandpoint is a great little town, and the people are so easy to get along with. We’re located in the breathtaking Idaho Panhandle, and enjoy all of the small town upsides without many of the downsides due to our size.