Sandpoint is an awesome town to visit, however one issue, is the fact that it is a bit difficult to access by plane, as most people have to fly into Spokane, and then drive here for about an hour and a half. However, what about flying directly here?

Can you fly into Sandpoint Idaho ? The answer is yes! Sandpoint Airport is a small airport that can accommodate private aircraft. It may not be huge, but there are plenty of people that utilize it for their private planes. Although, don’t expect to get here via a national airline though.

Where is the Sandpoint Airport?

The Sandpoint Airport is located at 1101 Airport Way Sandpoint, ID 83864, according to this Bonner County government website! That said, to get a good idea of its location, it is North of Sandpoint, and West of Ponderay!

If you have ever found yourself heading to Schweitzer, you likely have driven right past it on your way! At the 3 way stop next to the fair grounds, you will just turn left instead of right, and you will quickly see the air field gate there.

You also will drive right by the airport by driving down Boyer towards Ponderay. We like to call this the “Airport Way” to Ponderay, because a large portion of it is parallel to the airport itself.

Who can fly into the Airport?

The airport is completely open to the public, however it does not have any airlines flying into it! The only way you will be able to fly in and out is via a smaller plane that is privately owned.

Because of this, it makes it an easy place to land your smaller plane, as the runways are not taken up by large airlines.

How many runways does the Sandpoint Airport have?

The airport only has a single air strip that spans just over 5,500 feet! While this doesn’t allow for many planes to take off at once, it is plenty for our small town here.

Fun fact: Its really cool to climb up the hiking trail McKinnick Trail, where you can watch the planes take off from the runways.

Alternatives to flying into Sandpoint Airport

Don’t want to fly into our airport here in Sandpoint, but also don’t want to deal with going to the Spokane International Airport? Well, if you have a private plane that is equipped with the needed equipment, then you can land right here in the lake, or even river.

You will see plenty of water capable planes on docks all throughout the lake! It sounds like a lot of fun.


You can fly into Sandpoint Airport if you so in need of it! It’s a small airport, but has plenty of space for the small town that we are in. Sure it doesn’t handle large numbers of planes at once, but you can fly in on one of our beautiful days and watch them take off from right there!