Sagle is a common place for people to visit here in Sandpoint, however if you are visiting, or just not from around here, then you probably are wondering just how long, or how hard it is to get to Sagle from the town most people know of, Sandpoint Idaho!

While Sagle is split off from Sandpoint by the beginning of Lake Pend Oreille, is is just a quick drive of about 5.9 miles or 9 minutes away! You can also easily get there on a paved path via bike in about 29 minutes, by traversing those almost six miles of awesome scenery.

So why would you go to Sagle?

You can also see the train bridge from the Long Bridge!

Sagle is an awesome town that offers plenty of lake front property, some great businesses and fantastic camping spots. One of my favorite drives is going down Lake Shore Dr to see the deer, and watching the lake go by you. The drive is winding, yet smooth!

It is also home to Green Bay, as well as Garfield Bay, which are some great places to go camping, and boating!

Looking for a new car or truck? You will find Pierce Automotive (our local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer) as one of the first major businesses on your way into Sagle from Sandpoint.

What road do you use to get to Sagle?

Getting to Sagle from Sandpoint allows you to be able to utilize one of Sandpoint’s most well known features, the Long Bridge! This is a 2 mile long bridge that overlooks some of the best views of our lake available to a motorist.

The Long Bridge is a part of Highway 95 that takes you plenty of other places, including Spokane.

Boating to Sagle

One cool past time that many boat owners like to do, is to travel from Sandpoint over to a great restaurant on the lake 41 South, which is located in the Sagle. They have some awesome food, and are completely accessible by boat with over 20 boat slips available to utilize.

From city beach, it will likely take in the range of 20-30 minutes to get to the restaurant, but is totally worth it!


There are plenty of things to do in Sagle Idaho , whether it is checking out the local boat dealer or grabbing some awesome food at a restaurant on Lake 41 South.

All of these places are easily accessible in minutes from Downtown Sandpoint, however you can always take the leisurely route across the Long Bridge by walking, cycling, or even boating over there.