Idaho and Utah are two neighboring states, both situated in the Mountain West region of the United States. Choosing cities in Idaho closest to Utah like Preston, Fish Haven, and Dayton can help keep your travel time down so you can spend more time exploring the area instead of wasting precious hours in traffic. Sometimes you want to be close to Salt Lake City while still enjoying the culture in Idaho. 

Here are some cities in Idaho that are close to Utah, no matter what you’re looking for in your new home base!

Boise is a common place people coming to visit from Utah
CityDistance to Border
Franklin1.2 Miles
Fish Haven2.7 Miles
Woodruff2.7 Miles
Preston6.8 Miles
Almo7.7 Miles
Dayton9.3 Miles
Juniper9.5 Miles

1. Fish Haven

Fish Haven is a city in Idaho located right next to Bear Lake and is only 2.7 miles (or 3 minutes by car) from the Utah border. The population was 222 at the 2010 census. It’s about two hours from Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Fish Haven has a very small main street area with restaurants and small businesses along with it. This makes it an ideal place for families and individuals who want to be close to Utah but don’t want big-city life. 

For example, if you live in Boise or Nampa but work or play in Utah frequently, you might want to consider buying a house or renting an apartment here because it only takes around 2 hours to get there. 

Plus, you have access to all of Bear Lake when you go there on vacation! 

2. Franklin

This small city just 65 miles west of Fish Haven is about as close as you can get without crossing over into Utah, as it is only 1.2 miles from the border. Franklin is home to a population of around 650 people and is known for its rich history and beautiful scenery. 

The closest town on the other side of Utah is Lewiston, which has an estimated population of 1,766 people. Lewiston has a few hotels or other lodging options nearby, and it does have plenty of scenic views and outdoor activities that make it worth visiting if you have time!

3. Dayton

There are three educational institutes located in Weston: 1 elementary school, one middle school, and also a high school. There’s also a library, post office, and parks. 

If you love nature or hunting, you’ll love Dayton! Only minutes away from beautiful Fivemile Creek and proximity to River Bottom Campground means there are plenty of areas for you to explore. You can walk along miles of shoreline or hike through wooded areas where wild game-like deer roam freely.

At only 9.3 miles or 11 minutes from the Utah border, it is still a close, metaphorical, stone’s throw from the border.

4. Woodruff

Woodruff is an unincorporated town in the US state of Idaho and is only 2.7 miles from the Utah border. It lies along State Highway 15, south of Malad City, just across the border from Portage, Utah. The elevation is 4,485 feet (1,515 m). 

It was named for Wilford Woodruff who was the 4th President of LDS in 1894 and opened a store and post office which he operated until 1909 when they were transferred to nearby Malad City.

5. Almo

The population of Almo is not large, but many state parks are waiting to be explored nearby. Visitors will not want to miss Durfee Hot Springs, where they can enjoy a day of relaxing in a hot spring. At only 7.7 miles from the Utah border, it is an easy drive to get to Utah.

They’ll also find thousands of acres at nearby Smoky Mountain Campground that’s perfect for horseback riding, camping, and other activities. Other spots to see include Circle Creek Overlook, Stines Creek Trailhead, and City of Rocks Retreat with its large collection of rock art left behind by early Native Americans who used to live in these parts.

6. Preston

Although it’s two hours away from Salt Lake City, Preston is still a good option for residents of Utah who want to experience more of what Idaho has to offer. The city is home to a large and growing population, as well as all of your basic amenities—including supermarkets, churches, schools, and pharmacies. 

If you’re looking for a slower pace of life but can’t bear moving too far away from Salt Lake City, Preston might be just right for you. It is about 6.8 miles from the Utah border.

7. Juniper

The city of Juniper is located in Oneida County and sits only 9.5 miles away from Black Pine Peak (and 14.2 miles from the Utah border). For those interested in skiing and snowboarding during colder months, you’re going to want to spend a little more time here. 

Aside from getting down on some slopes for your wintertime adventures, it’s also worth mentioning that you can take advantage of some incredible views that Juniper has to offer since it sits between Black Pine Cone and Quaking Asp Mountain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What city in Utah is closest to Boise Idaho ?

Idaho’s largest city is Boise, while Utah’s largest city is Salt Lake City. However, when it comes to proximity, Ogden Utah is the closest larger city in Utah to Boise. Idaho and Utah may be similar in some ways, but when it comes to cities, they’re not twins.

Where is Idaho in relation to Utah?

Idaho is directly above Utah . Utah is bordered by Idaho to the north, as well as Wyoming and Colorado to the east. Nevada and Arizona are south of Utah, while Idaho is west of Utah and also borders Montana.

What city is halfway between Boise and Salt Lake City?

Jackson, Idaho is the city that is halfway between Boise and Salt Lake City. Jackson is a beautiful city with a population of 7,500 people. Jackson is known for it’s great ski resorts and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the most popular one. Jackson has a lot of art galleries and studios because of it’s great scenery. Jackson is also home to the National Elk Refuge. The National Elk Refuge was created to provide a place for elk to winter and it now holds the largest elk herd in the world. If you’re ever driving between Boise and Salt Lake City, be sure to stop in Jackson and check it out!


There are many great cities located near the Utah border in Idaho . Whether you’re looking for a place to call home or just want to visit for a weekend getaway, there’s something for everyone. Consider exploring one of these towns the next time you’re looking for a new adventure!