Do you know about Sagle Idaho? It’s a small town in the Inland Northwest that is home to some of the most wonderful scenery in the area. If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, Sagle is definitely worth considering! In this article, we will take a look at 10 things that you should know about Sagle Idaho. We’ll discuss why it’s such a great place to live, and we’ll also explore some of the unique attractions that Sagle has to offer. So if you’re curious about Sagle Idaho, keep reading!

1. Is Sagle Idaho a good place to live?

Sagle is a great place to live here in the North Idaho region! It is one of the major places that people live in the area that tend to work in Sandpoint . With one of the larger populations in the area, it makes for a great place to live.

On top of this, Sagle is known for private living, as it spans a wide area south of Sandpoint Idaho with plenty of forests, campgrounds, and more.

You can live alongside the Lake Pend Orielle by either turning left on Bottle Bay Rd, or you can turn right on Lake Shore Dr and see some amazing views on the Pend Orielle River.

2. What campgrounds does Sagle have?

One of the most popular campgrounds in Sagle is Springy Point Campground, which is found a little ways down Lakeshore Dr. In addition to that, you will also Round Lake Campground, Garfield Bay Campground, Green Bay Campground, and more.

3. What is the elevation of Sagle Idaho?

Sagle sits at 2,149 feet above sea level! This is rather standard for our area, as we do sit up in the mountainous areas of North Idaho.

4. How much snow does Sagle Idaho get?

Up here in North Idaho, we definitely do get our snow, so if you enjoy skiing on Schweitzer, or cross country skiing at the Pine Street Woods this is a great place to be. According to this site, Sagle gets an average of around 61″ of snow a year, meaning you can fully enjoy the winter wonderland that our area has to offer.

5. What is the population of Sagle Idaho?

According to this site, Sagle has around 6,088 living within its borders. I have no doubt though, that this number will continue to rise as more and more people are finding their forever homes in this area due to its amazing views, easy access to all of the fun recreational areas, and the many places you can live.

6. What county is Sagle Idaho in?

Sagle Idaho is a part of Bonner County! Bonner County not only houses Sagle, but is also home to Sandpoint, Priest River, Ponderay, Hope, Dover and many more towns.

7. What zipcode is Sagle Idaho?

Sagle has two different zip codes, so make sure to find out which one you are wanting to send to before sending your mail! The two Sagle zip codes are 83813 and 83860.

83860 is the zip code for most of the northern parts of Sagle that are closer to Sandpoint. Meanwhile, 81813 starts around Westmond and even goes into Cocollala.

8. What highway goes through Sagle Idaho?

Sagle is split in half by Highway 95! This highway not only takes you to Sandpoint from Sagle (via the Longbridge), but if you go south on Highway 95 from Sagle you will find yourself in Cocollala, and ultimately in Hayden and Coeur d’Alene.

9. What town is nearest to Sagle?

The nearest town to Sagle Idaho is Sandpoint Idaho ! Sandpoint is not only the seat of the county, but it also is where most of the local shopping and businesses reside. You will find plenty of awesome places to eat, places to recreate and so much more in Sandpoint. It is only about 9 miles from Sandpoint, which means if you live in Sagle you can get the wilderness living, with the ease of access to shopping and the bigger town feel.

10. What kinds of businesses are in Sagle Idaho?

While Sagle primarily has plenty of residential homes, they do also offer plenty of awesome businesses as well! This ranges from our local Pierce Auto Center Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to companies like Encoder Products Company, Lou’s Welding & Repair, Northern Lights Inc, Idaho Granite Works, A-10 Autobody and so many more.


So Sagle Idaho is a great place to be in the North Idaho area. With plenty of places to live, campgrounds, and so much more this Sagle has it all! If you are looking for a place to get away, Sagle is the perfect option!