People from outside of our area like to ask us where we are located here in Sandpoint, and one of the easiest ways is by saying that we are about 60 minutes from the Canadian border, and that is then followed up by a “wow”. However something not many of us actually think about, is what part of Canada are we 60 minutes below?

So what part of Canada is above Idaho ? Located right above Idaho is British Columbia, which was the 6th province to join Canada. It is known for its plenty of water, scenery, animals and so much more.

View in Creston British Colubia

What towns are nearest to us in Canada?

There are two towns that are closest to us here in Idaho, which would be Rykerts and Kingsgate. Both towns are right at the border of our state and are for the most part there as entry points between the two countries.

Any major towns in Canada that are near Idaho?

The first larger town in Canada once you cross the border is a town nearly the same size as Sandpoint called Creston! This town is known for its Kokanee Bear, Fishing, and of course all of the amazing scenery. It’s economy is also reliant on similar industries to Sandpoint such as forestry and agriculture.


Canada really isn’t that far from us here in Sandpoint, and it’s important to understand how far and what is up there! They are just as close to us, as we are to towns like Spokane!