Here in Sandpoint, Idaho we live extremely close to the border with our norther neighbors Canada! However I don’t know about you, but I don’t pay too close attention to that border, and don’t really ever make my way up there to check it out. One big question people have about this border, is just how long the border is between Idaho and Canada.

So how long is the border between Canada and Idaho ? The Canadian border with Idaho spans only 45 miles from side to side. This is an incredibly small border when you compare it to states like Montana, however is actually not the smallest border that our country has.

What towns are on the Idaho and Canadian border?

On the 45 mile border with the most wester Canadian province you will only find a few towns! On the Idaho side of things you will only find the small town of Porthill on the western border, and Eastport on the eastern border crossing to Canada.

On the Canadian side, you have Kingsgate on the eastern border, and Rykerts on the western border!

All of these towns provide services to cross over to the respective country!

What mountains are along the Canadian border of Idaho?

If you are wanting to take a peak into Canada without crossing the border, you can always visit a couple different mountains in the border area! You will find Snowy Top, Kaniksu Mountain, Harvey Mountain, and Border Mountain (yes referring to the border).

On the Canadian side, if you wanted to take a look into the USA you can visit MT Thompson as the only nearby mountain on the border.

What state has the smallest border with Canada?

Now, how is their a state that has a smaller border than Idaho with 45 miles? That would be Pennsilvania, they only share 42 miles (3 miles less than us) with our neighbors up north.


So there you have it! The Canadian border with Idaho is only 45 miles. While it may be a short border due to our Panhandle, it isn’t the shortest!