Knowing what school district you are in is important! This is the place you go to if you need any help with your children’s school, and is also the organization you vote towards when it is needed.

So what school district is Sandpoint Idaho in? If you live in the Sandpoint area like we do, you live in the Lake Pend Oreille School District #84. This district is who is in charge of everything that goes on at our Sandpoint schools, whether that be the teaching, transportation (think buses), and more. They also are a part of setting up lunch programs during the summer, and many other events like this.

What other schools are a part of Lake Pend Oreille School District?

While most people are fully aware of Sandpoint Middle & High School this district actually represents quite a few other schools! Below is a complete list of who the Lake Pend Oreille School District works to educate throughout the school year.

  • Clark Fork Jr/Sr High School
  • Farmin Stidwell Elementary
  • Hope Elementary
  • Kootenai Elementary
  • Lake Pend Orielle High School
  • Northside Elementary
  • Sagle Elementary
  • Sandpoint High School
  • Sandpoint Middle School
  • Southside Elementary
  • Washington Elementary

Where can you visit Lake Pend Oreille School District online or in person?

If you are wanting to get in contact with the school district, you can easily access their website by clicking this link right here.

Alternatively, their physical address is:  901 Triangle Dr, Ponderay, ID 83852. This is that white and blue building that you can see while driving along Hwy 200. I actually didn’t know this for quite a while!

If you want to get a hold of the School District via phone you can call (208) 263-2184.

Where can I find if schools are closed in the Lake Pend Oreille School District?

If you are hoping to figure out if schools are closed, there are many different ways to figure it out! The district actually has a full page detailing the different ways you can find out if schools are closed today. This includes TV, Radio, by text, and phone. You will find that information by clicking this link right here.

Who is currently on the board of trustees for the LPOSD?

The board of trustees is who heads up the School District, and is also who we vote for on a regular basis to represent us! You can find the board of trustees on the LPOSD’s website by clicking this link here.


So Sandpoint Idaho is in the Lake Pend Oreille School District, and this district includes many different schools including Sandpoint Middle & High School.

It’s important to know what school district you are in because this will help guide your decisions on which schools you would like to send your children to!