Keeping fit during the winter months in Sandpoint are top of mind for plenty of people! However the snow and ice tend to put a damper on those that rely on mountain trails to keep them going! That is why we wanted to put together a good list of running paths that you can utilize when the snow is falling.

So what are the best running paths in the Sandpoint winter ? We have found that there are five trails that work extremely well for running in the winters around Sandpoint. The Pend d’ Oreille Bay Trail, Sandcreek Trail, The Long Bridge, Dover Bike Path and even Traverse Park. Each of these paths bring different things that make them great!

Our FavoritesThe Path
Best Soft GroundPend d’ Oreille Bay Trail
Best Paved In-TownSandcreek Trail
Best Straight PathThe Long Bridge
Best All-AroundDover Bike Path
Best For Timing YourselfTraverse Park

1. Pend d’ Oreille Bay Trail (POB) Trail

We really like this trail for running during the winter! Sure it isn’t necessarily plowed during the winter months, which results in some ice and sometimes requires chains on your feet. However it makes up for it by being mostly flat, and you get a chance to run alongside our amazing Lake Pend d’ Oreille the whole time.

Realistically, as long as you are prepared with some good winter running shoes and gear from one of our local stores like Finan McDonald or Alpine Shop you should have no problem at all enjoying the run.

Another great aspect of this trail, is that is one of the few runnable trails on this list that allows you to run on softer ground, which is easier and better for your knees.

This 1.5 mile trail is not only awesome for running, but also for bicycling, and walking your dogs!


  • Path is alongside the lake the whole way
  • Soft ground is easier on knees
  • Well travelled path during the winter
  • 1.5 distance


  • Not plowed
  • Should plan on having good running gear to run

2. Sandcreek Trail

If it is still daylight, and want at fun run, then don’t look any further than the Sandcreek Trail! For the first portion of the trail, this pathway is plowed quite regularly, meaning other than the cold, you can run it just like in the summer. Generally when the path turns off to the bypass, the plowing ends and you can make the choice to either keep running or turn around.

Regardless of what you choose, you get to run alongside Sandcreek, which means you get to enjoy the wildlife that frequents that area while you get a little bit of exercise in!

All of this said, the major downside to this pathway is that it is not lit up anywhere passed the Cedar Street Bridge, which means it is not recommended for running after dark. If you want to run after dark, I would highly recommend looking into the Dover Bike Path or Traverse Park that we will talk about in a moment.


  • Paved trail
  • Is plowed some of the way during the winter
  • Flat and easy to run
  • Is alongside Sandcreek


  • Not great in the dark

3. Long Bridge

Our Long Bridge is actually an awesome place to go running during the winter! This 1.76 mile bridge is a staple in our community, and is a great place to run as it is visible to all of the drivers for safety, is long enough to get a good run in on, and you get a 360 view of our lake and local mountains.

You can either access the bridge from the Sagle side of things, or you can access it from the gas stations on the Sandpoint side. That said, if you are going via the Sandpoint side you are not visible to traffic as you pass by the dog beach. So running in the dark is not advised from that side of town. Remember, safety first!

If you enjoy a good long, paved run with some amazing sights, it doesn’t get much better than this!


  • Longer run
  • Paved and plowed
  • Amazing views of the lake and mountains


  • Not visible to traffic next to the dog beach

4. Dover Bike Path

If you just want to run, to run, then the Dover Bike Path is such a great option! This path stretches from the interior of Sandpoint all the way into Dover. You can jump onto the trail wherever you would like, or leave the trail wherever you like, which makes it a great trail whether you want a short or long run.

This trail is also extremely central, meaning it is easily accessible to many, many people that live in the area.

The main downside, is that while it is extremely well plowed, it does have a tendency to get icy, so you need to make sure you are prepared with some chains for your shoes to make sure you aren’t slipping around.

The trail itself winds alongside Highway 2, but offers some awesome glimpses of different areas of Sandpoint, whether that be fields, or some great local neighborhoods.


  • Plowed during the winter
  • Easy to access and leave
  • Takes you to and from Dover and Sandpoint


  • Can get icy

5. Traverse Park

If you are looking for a good loop based trail for exercise or testing your best time, then Traverse Park is an awesome option. The loop is right around one mile, meaning you don’t have to constantly pay attention to a watch or timer to see if you are bettering your time!

The pathway is plowed during the winter, making it even easier! This is also an in town option, making it easy for anyone living in the area that wants to get a good run in, without having to drive anywhere.

The biggest downside to this trail is that it doesn’t have a view like many of the other options on this list, however if you are more about the exercise than the view, this is probably going to be your best bet!


  • A loop based trail
  • Paved and plowed for the winter
  • Great for exercise
  • Easy to access from town


  • No views of lake or mountains

Frequently Asked Questions

What are winters like in Sandpoint Idaho ?

Winters in Sandpoint Idaho can be difficult, however if you are willing to look past the snow there are many, many things to do! Some people like to go running, bicycling, and more. We also are bordering Schweitzer, one of the best ski resorts in the USA.

Where can you buy winter running gear?

To truly enjoy going running in the winter, you want to make sure you have the right gear! There are many great places to visit such as the Alpine Shop, Outdoor Experiences, Finan McDonald and some of the larger retailers like North 40 and Big 5.

Winter alternatives to running in Sandpoint?

If you aren’t too into running during the winter, there are some other great options as well! Winter sports like skiing, snow shoeing, nordic skiing, or just walking your dog(s) can be a ton of fun. There is no lack of activities when snow is on the ground here in Sandpoint.


Running in the Sandpoint area doesn’t have to stop just because the fluffy white stuff is on the ground. I hope this article gave you some great ideas for running in the Sandpoint area during the winter months.

Sure, we do have some hard winters, but there are so many great things you can still be doing even with snow on the ground.